Can He Take Us There? Top Skills India’s Next Football Coach Must Have

AIFF recently announced their decision to part ways with head coach Igor Stimac after india’s disappointing performance at FIFA World Cup 2026 qualifiers , the result of which is our end of journey this time . Now who is going to be the next Indian national football team coach is uncertain and AIFF is working on it .

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Which qualities should the Indian Football Team’s new coach have?

The new coach for the Indian football team needs to excel at maximizing limited resources. India doesn’t have a lot of football-specific stadiums, top-level players, a good scouting network, or a strong league. The coach should be able to use whatever is available, train players to improve, and make the best out of the current situation. They need to be creative, adaptable, and able to make players believe they can succeed even with fewer resources.

Igor Stimac with the Indian men’s football team

The new coach must be flexible with tactics and formations. He might have to make a stable first 11 with proper bench strength. Strategies that worked in foreign teams might not suit Indian football. He should adapt his game plans to fit the Indian players’ strengths and the local football style. Being open to new ideas and willing to change tactics as needed is key to success here.

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The coach needs to become a leader & friend, who knows how to balance authority and support in the dressing room. Stephen Constantine struggled because players didn’t back him, while Igor Stimac avoided conflict but lacked control. The ideal coach should earn players’ respect and trust while maintaining clear authority. They should be approachable yet firm, ensuring discipline without being overly harsh, and a strong, united team spirit.

The new coach should recruit players from the grassroots level. He should purify overreliance on ISL. This will give I-League players a fair chance and make them feel secure and valued. It shows that good performance in any league is noticed and rewarded, which can boost morale and motivate players across the board.

The coach should use data to select players, not just pick famous names. Stats on performance, fitness, and skills should guide decisions. This way, the finest players chosen, will make the team stronger and ensure a fair selection process.