Debjit Ghoshal’s Story at CFL: From Triumph to Despair

On the dusk of 8th July, human error caused severe damage. Aryan Club was playing against Diamond Harbour FC. This was a CFL fixture, held at Bidhannagar Ground. The match ended 1-0 as Diamond Harbour FC’s Rahul Kumar Paswan successfully converted the penalty, at the very end of the game. Despite clinching 3 points, he was not the one who stole the show.

The ‘Showstopper’

Debjit Ghoshal of Aryan FC was shattered after conceding the penalty. Debjit belongs to Bagnan’s Shyampur Osmanpur village. For the past two years, it has been very difficult for Debjit. His father was a worker at a steel factory and lost his eyes due to an injury. He was at Taltala Ekata Sangha and after that, Debjit went to play for Calcutta Port Trust. This year he went for the trials at The Aryan Club and got selected for his goalkeeping skills. Shortly, with the right strategy and developmental plan these players can be promoted to the higher stages.

Debjit Ghoshal receiving the Man of the Match award.

The goalkeeper was unhappy and talked about how they deserved a point from this fixture. Aryan FC coach, Arindam Deb appreciated the effective and strategic training that Debjit performed at his training. Debjit said in the post-match interview that he went for the ball and Rahul Paswan also fouled him. He added that during the penalty, he dived correctly but started a bit late which helped Kibu Vicuna’s Diamond Harbour FC to score the match-winning goal.

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Idolo of the Goalie

On questioning about his idol, Debjit did not hesitate to mention the name of Petr Čech. Now Cech can be found in ice hockey after taking retirement from his footballing career. Debjit also mentioned that he admires Subrata Paul, the former Indian National football player. He watches video clips of these former football players, and it keeps inspiring Debjit in every possible way.

What Lies Ahead?

The referee blew the whistle even before the clash took place as per the Aryan FC coach. The referee showed two red cards to the Assistant team manager and the Goalkeeping coach of Aryan FC due to dissent as per the referee. Rajdip Nandy, Assistant Coach of Aryan FC stated that ‘these young boys will fail to gather motivation even after playing such outstanding football.’

If these continue to happen at this stage so evidently, football will eventually roll backwards. These young players will lose interest and the motivation to play. Debjit mentioned in his interview about the ‘Big Clubs’ and how they get advantages at every stage of the game. Due to this advantage, players like Debjit will soon disappear and their passion for the game will be subdued. It is important to protect the mental health of these players by protecting them at these crucial stages. Referees should be more cautious about their decisions because once a decision is taken, it cannot be overturned.