Mumbai Marines FC Gears Up to Clash with Young Boys FC in the Mumbai Super League Opener

As the anticipation for the commencement of the 2023-24 Mumbai Super League season reaches its crescendo, all eyes are set on the opening clash between Mumbai Marines FC and Young Boys FC. The forthcoming showdown promises to be an exhilarating spectacle, with both teams gearing up to set the tone for what’s to come. With meticulous preparations throughout the pre-season, Mumbai Marines FC have diligently refined their strategies and tactics, paving the way for a captivating contest right from the inaugural whistle. Bolstered by the infusion of new talents and the seasoned experience of their current roster, this season holds the promise of propelling them a step further, with sights set on securing a berth in the Mumbai Super League playoffs.

Reflecting on their inaugural Super League season, Mumbai Marines managed a commendable mid-table finish. Going head-to-head against established contenders in Super League’s history, they wrapped up their debut campaign just one point shy of the fourth-placed ROQS FC. Their record stood at four victories out of nine group matches, accompanied by two draws and three losses. Notably, some of these draws and losses were attributed to last-minute goals that left no room for retaliation, ultimately resulting in precious points slipping through their grasp.

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Contrastingly, Young Boys FC concluded the previous season in the eighth spot within Group C of the Mumbai Super League. Their journey throughout the group stage was marred by an absence of victories, settling for three draws and succumbing to five defeats out of their total eight matches. Eager to rectify their previous shortcomings, they are now poised to seize all three points against a formidable opponent like Mumbai Marines FC – a feat that eluded them in the past season.

As the draw placed Mumbai Marines in Group B, they find themselves amidst a fierce competition featuring 11 other teams, all vying for the coveted top four positions that guarantee entry to the playoffs.

Turning our attention to the squad for the forthcoming season:

Goalkeepers: Laxman Saroj, Shannon Pillay.

Defenders: Chinmay Chavan, Sagar Kamble, Gaurav Wagh, Vinit Gawde, Yash Kamble, Transwer D’Mello, Advait Kulkarni, Shreyas More, Rushab Renkuntla.

Midfielders: Jacob Jacques, Amit Saroj, Pranit, Gaurav More, Bhushan Worlikar, Sahil Rathod, Mehul Ghadge, Pranit Kadam, Sankalp Rajpange.

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Forwards: Atul Munankar, Nikhil Makwana, Ishan Thakkar, Manav Roy.

Mr. Aakash Malvankar, Co-Founder of Mumbai Marines and the current Team Manager, shared his insights on the preparations and the expectations from the inaugural match: “This season holds tremendous excitement, with a challenging group to contend with. We are optimistic about exceeding expectations. The team has dedicated considerable effort to readying themselves for the upcoming game, and we aim to clinch victory and secure those crucial three points.”

Fuelled by rejuvenated determination and the impassioned drive of both management and players, Mumbai Marines FC is primed to carve significant strides and enhance its illustrious legacy. Having undergone three promotions since their inception, propelling them from the third division to the prestigious Super League in Mumbai, the Marines’ journey is marked by continual growth. As they stand on the cusp of another chapter, they seek to add another remarkable achievement to their repertoire.

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Will Mumbai Marines FC embark on their season’s journey with a triumphant performance against Young Boys FC, clinching all three points? Or will the opening match spring a surprising twist that sets the tone for an unpredictable season?

Match Details:

Mumbai Marines FC vs Young Boys FC

Date: 28th August, 2023

Kick-off: 10 AM

Venue: Neville D’Souza Football Stadium, Bandra

Live Streaming: SportVot