Saints’ Andy Martino concludes AIFF E-Certificate in Thane City

Instructor Hardeep Singh and co-instructor Firmin D’souza led the 4-day course.

Thane, Maharashtra, 11 November 2022 – The 4-day AIFF E-Certificate course organized by the Thane Football Association (TFA) and Thane City FC was held at the Palava Football Stadium in Thane. AIFF Instructors – Hardeep Singh and co-instructor Firmin D’souza led the 4-day course. A total number of 24 participants attended the course. To conclude the event, Southampton FC’s Football Development Manager, Andy Martino marked his presence at the Grassroots Football Festival held on the last day of the course.

“This is grassroots and this is where it all starts. This 4-day course, I believe, will definitely help the coaches to prepare for their own coaching journey and the child they (coaches) will be meeting after going back to their places where they’d come from to attend the course,” said Andy Martino.

AIFF course Instructor, Hardeep Singh who led this course with his second in command, coach Firmin D’souza had to say, “This exchange of knowledge is what helps the coaches become real coaches. It’s not just a 4-day short course but an introduction and commencement to adapting to the realities of grassroots football.”

About AIFF E-Certificate
AIFF E-Certificate is an introductory course that is conducted in 4 days. Besides coaching kids of 6-12 years of age, the course content will also be on Golden Baby Leagues and Futsal.

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About Thane Football Association (TFA)
Thane Football Association (TFA) looks after the development and functioning of the game in the Thane district. 

About Thane City FC

Thane City FC is a football club based in Thane, Maharashtra and they strive to bring Thane to the forefront of the Indian football circuit. They have a partnership with Southampton FC for coach education and grassroots development programs.

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