SportVot Launches ‘DS3 Sports Club’.

Newly launched DS3 Sports Club, owned by SportVot held it’s first ever trials, which were completely digital and live streamed, making them the first ever club to do so

MUMBAI, February 2: The Mumbai-based sports-tech company, ‘SportVot’ registered its very first football club DS3 Sports Club in the First Division Corporate under the Mumbai Football Association and held its first-ever trials which were completely live-streamed.

The trials were held in 2 rounds, the first round was held at B.N. Bandodkar College, Thane, and the second round at the Neville Dsouza Football Turf in Bandra, with over 100+  players participating in the trials. The players from here got selected into the DS3 Sports Club and will get a chance to compete against First Division Corporate clubs from the Mumbai Football Association. The stand-out part of the trials was the fact that the entire process of conducting the trials was digitized. SportVot, with its cloud studio, listed trial registration on the SportVot app. The entire trials was streamed live on the SportVot along with detailed scoring and data analysis for each individual player. Thus becoming a one-of-its-kind, first-ever trials round in India to be captured and broadcasted Live. The live streaming ensured transparency and fair practices from the organizers, alongside a provision of self-assessment for the players.

The trial round was held in presence of senior football players, and expert coaches from Mumbai who guided each and every player through the process, irrespective of their selection to the club. The streaming proved to be a valuable source even for the players to self-assess their game. SportVot CEO, Sidhhant Agarwal expressed, “ The reason for launching the DS3 sports club and live streaming the trials was to give an opportunity to every aspiring footballer to show his skills, provide him with rightful guidance and training that can take his game to the next level and push maximum transparency within the sports ecosystem. With respect to trials, we have discovered some amazing talent, and we cannot wait to nurture, guide and support these young athletes to improve their game.”

You can watch the recorded live stream of the trials here, or go to the following link,


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