Thank you for showing your interest in advertising with Athletic India. Athletic India accepts sponsored content and advertisements which fit the publication policies of the website. We provide a platform for ads in these 3 ways:

1.   As a publishing platform for your sponsored article. You can publish your sponsored content if it satisfies our publication policies. Your article has to be a minimum of 1,000 words long and should be related to the ‘Sports’ sector. The submission of content along with the necessary images can be done via email.

2.     You can advertise your firm in the articles of Athletic India. It can be an image or an HTML code.  

3.     You can advertise your firm on the top title bar of this website. It can be an image or an HTML code.  

The Athletic India admin has the right to accept or reject the requests for ads and also reserves the power to remove the published ads if the firms do anything against the policies of Athletic India.

We don’t accept ads of health supplements that lack scientific evidence for the proposed health benefits.

For more details about pricing, you can contact the admin by email: