Empire FC Set to Galvanize Bengaluru’s Football Scene

Bengaluru, known for its vibrant football culture, is about to witness the emergence of a new contender as Empire FC, backed by Bengaluru’s iconic food chain, Empire Restaurant and Hotels, prepares to make its debut in the Bengaluru District Football Association’s “C” Division league. The upcoming competition, slated to commence in May, is brimming with anticipation as Empire FC, supported by NKP Empire Ventures Pvt. Ltd., steps onto the field, adding a fresh dimension to Karnataka’s football landscape.

The venture of NKP Empire Ventures Pvt. Ltd. into football underscores its commitment to passion and community engagement. Beyond the pursuit of titles, Empire FC aims to provide a platform for local talent to flourish, aligning with the ethos of the Karnataka Football Association. With a legacy rooted in serving Bengaluru’s delicacies since 1966, the Empire group’s foray into football signifies a new chapter in their journey of social responsibility.

President NKP Abdul Azeez exudes confidence in Empire FC’s future, emphasizing the club’s dedication to football and community enrichment. He articulates, “Our passion for football is matched only by our desire to give back to society through sports. Empire FC represents the convergence of these ideals.

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Secretary Masoud Mohamed highlights the familial ties to football, with the second-generation successors of NKP Empire Ventures Pvt. Ltd. harboring a deep-rooted love for the game. He expresses optimism that Empire FC’s efforts will bolster Bengaluru and Karnataka’s football ecosystem.

Empire FC has assembled a squad comprising top talent from across the nation and provided them with exceptional training facilities. Guided by seasoned professionals, the team is primed to make a statement in the KSFA “C” Division campaign, aiming to clinch the division title and secure promotion to the “B Division.”

The entry of Empire FC heralds a new era in Bengaluru’s football narrative, promising to invigorate the local scene with its blend of talent, passion, and ambition. However, the club joins a landscape already rich with footballing history and success stories.

Bengaluru FC, with its numerous domestic triumphs and memorable continental campaigns, stands as a beacon of excellence in Indian football. Meanwhile, SC Bengaluru and FC Bengaluru United have carved their niches in the state’s footballing fabric, showcasing the depth of talent and passion within the region.

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As Empire FC prepares to make its mark, it acknowledges the achievements of its predecessors and the rich footballing heritage of Bengaluru and Karnataka. With aspirations to contribute to this legacy, Empire FC aims to become a prominent fixture in the local footballing fraternity, uplifting the sport and the community alike.

Empire FC, bolstered by the support of NKP Empire Ventures Pvt. Ltd., is poised to leave an indelible mark on the 2023-24 season of the Karnataka State Football Association “C” Division League. As Bengaluru eagerly awaits the kickoff, Empire FC stands ready to write its own chapter in the annals of Karnataka’s footballing history.