DS3 Sports Club Triumphs in Mumbai Football Association’s Corporate League

The DS3 Sports Club made an impressive debut in the Mumbai Football Association’s First Division Corporate League Tournament, ultimately emerging as the dominant force and claiming the championship title. The tournament concluded after a thrilling season of football action, with the DS3 Sports Club showcasing their prowess by securing a clean sweep victory.

The highly competitive finals took place on June 4th at the Neville Dsouza Football Turf in Bandra. The DS3 Sports Club and Nutura FC both reached the finals after defeating four other teams from the MFA first division. In a tightly contested match, the DS3 Sports Club emerged victorious with a one-goal lead over Nutura FC. Throughout the tournament, the DS3 Sports Club displayed their dominance, scoring an impressive 19 goals and maintaining three remarkable clean sheets, while conceding a mere three goals.

Among the standout players in the tournament, Manav Roy deserves special mention, having scored seven goals. Manav’s winning goal, assisted by Ajinkya Umasare, secured the DS3 Sports Club its maiden championship. As a result of this triumph, the DS3 Sports Club has earned promotion to the Super Division of the corporate league within the Mumbai Football Association.

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Mr. Sidhhant Agarwal, the CEO of SportVot, expressed his delight at the extraordinary performance of the DS3 Sports Club, stating, “We are immensely proud of the players’ exceptional performance throughout the season. This remarkable victory in our debut season exemplifies our vision to transform the discovery, development, and nurturing of football talent.”

One notable aspect of the tournament was the live streaming of all matches on the SportVot app. Football enthusiasts and fans had the opportunity to witness thrilling encounters and cheer for their favorite teams through the convenience of the app.

The DS3 Sports Club’s remarkable success in the Mumbai Football Association’s First Division Corporate League Tournament serves as a testament to their exceptional talent and determination. As they now prepare to compete in the Super Division, their debut season’s triumph marks a significant milestone and lays a strong foundation for their future endeavors in the world of football.